Saturday, November 29, 2008

And Now a Shout Out to Sunday School Teachers Everywhere

Teenager, Moisei Baraniuc, Finds $10k in cash and returns it! This is a great news story, and my favorite part of the story is that he credits being a SUNDAY SCHOOL teacher! I can just imagine Sunday School Teachers everywhere rejoicing. Being a former preschool Sunday School teacher, I have many fond memories of former students - now grown ups - returning to me to say thank you for taking the time to teach, because it made a difference in their life.

In these days of gloom and doom there seems to be so much bad news and negativity everywhere you look. (For my thoughts on that go here.) But really, there is so much more good news to be talked about. There really is - if only we would talk about it more. We can all use a regular dose of GOOD NEWS and this is my good news blog for the week.

Thank you to Fox News Network and for covering this story. :-) And THANK YOU TO SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS EVERYWHERE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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