Friday, May 1, 2009

The Boy and The Balloon

This is the story of a boy…

2009 01 26 063_edited-1

and a balloon.

The Boy got a balloon at a car dealership where Mom told Dad not to go because she wasn’t interested in trading in her van for an Expedition or any other vehicle.

Instead of coming home with another vehicle, dad came home accompanied by offspring #3, #4 and #5 – all bearing huge car lot decorating balloons. Yeah for Dad!

The Boy played with his big beautiful balloon with great joy and delight all afternoon.  He played in the front yard…and in the house…and in the back yard… until alas the flossy red ribbon tied to the balloon slipped out of his nimble fingers and floated up, up, up and away into the balmy evening sky.

The Boy was suddenly inconsolably heartbroken because his shiny new blue car dealership balloon was going,… going… gone.  Huge crocodile tears streamed down the Boy’s cheeks.

THEN, big sister……

2060 01 26 052

quietly and lovingly – and extremely generously – comes to the rescue with her shiny new yellow balloon.  “Here Boy.  You can have my balloon.” she said, with a smile and a gentle consoling hug.  And the Boy was happy again. 

See the Boy smile :-)

2060 01 26 077

Thank you big sister:-)

2060 01 26 049