Friday, November 21, 2008

Sara Palin - I can relate

(Just updated with the YouTube clip. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE MAN IN THE BACKGROUND! This is so funny, I'm rolling on the floor!)

I just read this story about Sarah Palin pardoning a thanksgiving turkey. That lucky turkey. I'm thinking YUM it would be great on a plate with gravy and cranberry sauce. Anywho...In this particular article by a Canadian news outlet they posted a hilarious picture showing a precocious looking man in the background getting ready to slaughter the turkey while Gov. Palin (in the foreground)is being interviewed. The look on his face is hilarious, like one of my own boys. They are always doing something in the background that I can't see, but they know its going to cause trouble. Poor Sarah...I can relate.

To See the photo and the article, go here:


The name of the artical is:

Poultry-pardoning Palin interviewed in front of turkey slaughter

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