Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why You are My Favorite

Can any mother of multiple children, whether it be two or five or even more, claim one as her favorite? Can she look at them objectively and say which one she loves the most?

I have a confession. Of my five children I actually do have a favorite child and this is why.
Natalie - Age 14
You are my favorite because you were born first and you often bear the most responsibility for those who came later.
Because you were born first, you were the Guinea pig/experiment child - I have mom guilt for this.
  • You are sensitive and sentimental and very selective about who you choose as friends. This tells me that you know your own value. You don't waste the gift of your affection and friendship on just anybody.
    You are creative and I know that you will allow God to use you to bless others with that gift.
  • You are much more like me than the others. For that I am sorry - Blame the genetic lottery. (more mom guilt for me)

Jeremey - Age 12

You are my favorite because you were the first boy in our family.
You were and continue to be my touchy, feely, affectionate Mamma's boy. (Please don't ever stop being that way. I will always need that from you.)
You are artistic, creative, affectionate and very caring for others.
  • Other people are important to you. This shows me that you understand the value of others.
  • You will go far in life and some young woman will be blessed to have you as a husband one day.

Dalton - Age 11

  • Your are my favorite child. It took me a while to figure you out but then I got it. You are a child with purpose. It is important for you to do things that have purpose. You don't want to waste your efforts on things with little meaning.

  • When you smile, I can see the pure, genuinely unbridled joy in your eyes...your smiles and laughter are not wasted on just anything.
  • You are the Master of the Animals. Max the cat even claims you as his boy.
  • That brain of yours is working all the time trying to figure it all out. You are going to grow up to be a man with a plan.

  • Brainiac! Need I say more? OK maybe one more word: MENSA

  • Not one day goes by without you seeking me out to make sure I get a hug. Keep it up. I need all the hugs I can get.

Audrey - Age 9

You are my favorite. Oh, how smart you are and it will take you far in life.
  • I love it that you want to get straight A's. It all seems to come naturally for you.

  • You are a social butterfly and I love to see you have a good time with your friends.
  • You are a natural leader.
  • I know that being the fourth child is not easy but you seem to be very resilient.

Spencer - Age 6

You are my favorite because you were the bonus baby and what a great surprise!
  • What a natural you are at anything and everything you try. You just seem to get it. There is nothing you will not be able to do if you set your mind to it.

  • Because you are the youngest, I am reminded of the importance of taking my time to enjoy every last minute of it all. Your firsts are my last firsts, and your lasts of growing up will be my lasts of raising children and I want to savor every moment.
  • You are so fun and funny and I am hanging on to that for as long as I can.

You are all unique, and that - you see - is why YOU (all) ARE MY FAVORITE child.

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