Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve

  • My stomach has butterflies and I can't eat - well, I did have some fudge cookies but that's not really eating
  • My brain is racing faster than a toad on hot pavement
  • My heart is all aflutter
  • My palms are sweaty
  • I'm constantly pacing back and forth and wringing my hands
  • I keep opening the fridge for no apparent reason
  • And I can't sleep!
This is like Christmas Eve and I'm five years old! Is Santa going to bring me a bike this year?

I know....the sooner I go to bed and go to sleep, the sooner I will wake up and Election Day will be here!!! But then I have to wait all day before opening the present. I just cant take the suspense any more. This one is a real nail biter!!!!

Will it be the bike or the homemade gift certificate for a hug and a back rub? !!!!!


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