Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's Random Thoughts - Chasing Rabbits Through my Mind

Winter has finally arrived in Texas. It never seems to last long and is sporadic. (You can check out Texas weather history here.) One day it can be 38 degrees and the next day it can be as hot as 78 degrees (still pretty cool) followed by another day in the 30 degree range, followed by a heat wave for a week. One of the things I like about cold weather outside is turning on the heater inside. Sure, I like the fireplace, but only if it is REALLY cold outside. Besides that, the heater requires no maintenance other than turning it down if the house gets too hot.

So I digress. The reason I am thinking about winter and enjoying the warmth of running the heater: one of the side effects of winter and heaters is DRY Skin. Some people get moderately dry skin in winter, but me - I HAVE DRY SKIN ALL YEAR LONG. It just happens to get dryer (sp? maybe more dry sounds better?) in the winter. It doesn't matter how much lotion I use all day long. I am DRY.

Which leads me to my next thought: My skin itches all over and I feel like I have ants crawling up and down my body. The itchiness moves around. as soon as I scratch somewhere it itches somewhere else. Then I scratch that and I itch somewhere else. Is this just the dry skin or am I having an allergy itch? The wind has been blowing really hard outside since last night. Then again, I just ate a different brand of soup than I usually eat(Campbell's Select Harvest - Light). It was really good, so I think I will have some more. Maybe its a food allergy itch. No, maybe it is just dry skin because of the weather and the heater. But my scalp REALLY REALLY itches. Do I have dandruff? Probably. I have been using dandruff shampoo (Suave) so my head shouldn't be itching, should it? It is itching a lot. Could I have lice? Yikes! It can't be lice. It's not allowed to be lice. OK, Lets move on. Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away. (Not likely) No - my dry skin still itches and I am going to take Claritin D. That usually does the trick. Although it could also keep me awake all night. I think there is a pill for that too - AmbianCR But that is another rabbit to chase, or sheep to count, another time.

Just random thoughts - like chasing rabbits through my mind. Enough said.

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