Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

This is what we did last night. Christmas Decorating - Part 1 of ? I was in the middle of folding laundry when the Mister decided that he wanted to start assembling the Christmas tree.

This is how far we got because it takes a long time to assemble all of the branches. We are no longer purchasing live Christmas trees. I love the look and smell but I hate the mess of pine needles, and I can usually still find them in the house in June. Besides that, why kill a perfectly good, oxygen producing tree just because it will look good in my living room for about three weeks?

I tried to hang my wreath on the front door (still there this morning) with some cute ribbon which I purchased in the after Christmas clearance sale at WalMart last year for 50 cents. It didn't look as cute as I had imagined it would. I also realized, after about 20 minutes of effort, that the wreath was upside down. (To Do List: re-hang wreath on front door - right side up this time.)
Spencer's Christmas wish list.

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