Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lori Drew - My Space Hoax Mom - An Opportunity for Forgiveness

For more on the story of one mother gone bad go here: MySpace Hoax Jury Has Verdicts on 3 of 4 Counts

I don't know if there are laws in place or if laws should be put in place to prevent what happened to Megan Meier, who was covertly bullied by her neighbor's Mother - who posed as a boy on MySpace - but I do know that this breaks the rules of common sense, common courtesy and the Golden Rule.

What must have POSSESSED her to do such a thing to a child? What Mother in her right mind would EVER treat any child that way. This women definitely needs to be convicted of STUPIDITY AT THE VERY LEAST.

That said, this woman and her family need our prayers just as much as the family of the victim. I am NOT IN ANY WAY SUPPORTING her for what she did. My sinful selfish nature hopes that she fries or at least goes to jail for a very long time. But the better half of me also hopes that some way, some day, she can reconcile with Megan Meier's family and find a way to help others who might find themselves in the trap of believing that it is ever acceptable to bully a child.

If we hold on to anger, we will be the victims of our own poison.

Therefore, forgiveness is in order here. WE MUST FORGIVE HER.

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We don't deserve God's forgiveness or His gift of eternal life but He offers it anyway. Yes, I believe FORGIVENESS IS IN ORDER.

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  1. i can't.
    maybe it's just because you're older than i am, but i somehow can't find a way to forgive that woman. why do adults think it's ok to bully kids and teens? everyone was a teen once, everyone knows what it's like. what sickens me the most is not what this woman did, but the fact that her punishment is only 3 years, maximum.
    does nobody understand? THIS WOMAN KILLED A CHILD. "no," some say. "that girl killed herself."
    oh, please. give me a break. when will we learn that we have to take responsability for our actions? this woman led a 13-year-old girl to suicide. according to law, she did nothing wrong other than lie on MySpace. i don't understand this.
    i don't understand how you can be willing to forgive so easily. was it no big deal? did it not really matter?
    you say i should forgive. why should i? that woman did something so horrific, it hurts me to think about it.
    what if you went to that girl's grave, saw her name on the stone? what if you went to visit her family, mourning the loss of a daughter? what if you saw her body lying there, her life stamped out when it had hardly begun? will you be so willing to forgive then?

    you msut understand, i don't hate this woman. not at all. i'm incredibly angry every time i think of her, yes. hate her? no.

    forgive her? i don't think so. not now. maybe not ever.


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