Friday, October 17, 2008

State Fair of Texas

I love the Texas State Fair!

Every year, students in Texas schools receive free tickets and a day off to go to the fair. This is an awesome learning opportunity which is almost entirely free! If you park off-site on a side street, take your own lunch and drinks, and whatever you do - DO NOT RIDE THE RIDES. I have nothing against the rides. In fact there is something to be said about a mother enjoying the look of pure pleasure on the faces of her children as she tries desperately to time her photo at the precise moment they appear around the turn in the whatever ride they are enjoying. However, these rides are extremely expensive and cost prohibitive, especially if you are the mother of five children. Each year, against Hubs desire, we load up the kids and head off to the State Fair of Texas - this year without Hubs but with the help of Auntie D.
It was soooooo much fun - despite the fact that number 4 ended our day with a trip to the emergency room with a broken arm. There is a virtual cornucopia of knowledge and culture to be absorbed in as much time as your feet can stand. Oh yes, if your feet are tired and you don't think you can walk one more mile (and there are many miles to be walked at the State Fair of Texas), if you can spare a quarter you can get the most vigorous foot, uhhhhhh, vibration therapy to help you continue on.
Here is my list of favorite things to see at the fair:
  1. Big Tex - a must see, and how can you miss him? He's that BIG!
  2. The Marine Corps Band
  3. That REALLY BIG genetically engineered pig!
  4. Pig Races
  5. the Petting Zoo sponsored by Children's Medical Center in Dallas
  6. The Domino Man (located in the African American Museum this year)
  7. The Auto Show (great if you have three boys who love EVERYTHING VEHICULAR!)
  8. Dancing Dogs
  9. High Flying Daredevils
  10. The guy who gets shot out of the cannon (that was from last year but most excellent!)
  11. BMX Bike Show
  12. Birds of the wild show (Sponsored by Kroger)

Here are some photos you can enjoy:

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