Wednesday, October 22, 2008

eBay Intoxication

I'm giddy with excitement and anticipation. Today has been a rough day for me on eBay because I've lost a total of four bidding wars in the last 4 seconds of bidding. Right now I'm trying to buy a vintage Kodak Duaflex II camera. They are also called "brownies" because they are small and brown. Well, I assume that is the reason for the nickname.

My hands are sweating and my heart is beating as hard and fast as a heard of stampeding elephants. I have waited patiently all day, carefully watching each time as the timer counted down to the last few seconds with me as the highest bidder at 1.99. And then BAM! another bidder jumped in and out-bid me. With my finger at the ready, poised on the mouse, waiting like a gunslinger anticipating a shootout, I hit the refresh button to update my status on the current item. Then I frantically hover my cursor over the "1 Click Bid" button, anticipating the moment I will have to click in order to outbid my invisible opponent. BAM! Outbid again. Now I am down to my final attempt for the night - item number five- and we are in the last minute of bidding. I have a new strategy. Back in one minute.

DARN!!!!!! My new strategy would have worked, but with 6 seconds to go on the clock the bidding ended. I think the eBay timer must be delayed over my Internet connection. I could have had this one.

OK. No more bidding wars for me. At least not today. Reeling from a total of 5 losses, I can't take it any more. I just found the same item with a buy now status for $10.00 plus shipping and its mine - ALL MINE! No more bidding for me. I'm done. This is my reward:
Why, you ask, do I want a camera like this? I'm studying a form of photography called "Through The Viewfinder" (TTV) where you take the photo with your digital camera looking through the viewfinder of the vintage camera. I can't wait to get my hands on this puppy to try it out. It is supposed to create a softer vintage look. If it works like I have been told it will, I will post my fine art photographs online for all of my fans to see.
Good night and happy bidding!

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