Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Name that Product - Free Giveaway Contest

Can anyone remember the old commercial for chewing gum that used the line "she didn't know the gum was loaded"? It was gum that had a soft liquid center and I think it was popular in the early 80s. I can't remember the name of the gum and it is driving me crazy!

As a reward, the first person who can give me the answer to the question wins their choice of one free 5x7 fine art print listed for sale in my Etsy shop. Most of my photos are larger than 5x7 but I will print anything in the 5x7 (or 5x5 if it is in a square) format. You can click on the link over there at the right to visit my shop.

Seriously, I really want to know the name of that gum and anything else you can remember about it! :-)

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