Monday, October 20, 2008


My thought for today:

First: NEVER EVER PLAY WITH FIRE….well, its OK if it is your job because you are a fire eater in the circus, and you know what you are doing. Or, if you’re a welder…but do welders ever play with fire? So…

Rule #1: Play with fire if it is your job.
Rule #2: Do not play with incendiary devices in your closet. If you do - do not get flames near hanging clothes thus starting a larger fire. If you do start a fire in the closet, DO NOT close the door and go outside to play as if nothing happened. CALL FOR HELP!
Rule # 3: Not all fire is bad.

Here are some benefits of fire
1. A fire in an overgrown forest may destroy the beauty of the forest temporarily but it also clears out old decay and overgrowth that allows for new growth and renewal. You might see something you would not have seen before.
2. Fire is used to refine gold, silver and copper. It is also used to create steel and make it stronger.
3. Fire is used to create some of the most beautiful artistic creations – for instance Venetian Glass.
4. Fire creates heat for warmth in your fireplace or around a campfire where you can roast marshmallows and make s’mores.
5. Fire in an overgrown field behind your house clears out the overgrowth and the charred remains will act as a fertilizer which will cause grass to grow back greener.
6. And for my favorite….Trial by fire refines our character and makes us better people. It helps remove decay from our lives and sets us free from old, bad habits. It forces us to be creative and brings much needed personal growth and maturity.

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