Friday, December 19, 2008

If I had my way - 7 things

  1. There would be a TV channel dedicated to only good news. Wouldn't that be a great pick-me-up at the end of the day? I would be so excited to get home to turn on the news to find out what great things had taken place throughout the day. And on the days that I couldn't make it home, I could just DVR it.
  2. Every parent would get a dollar for dollar rebate check for all of the money spent on mandatory school uniforms, extra costs for field trips and the monthly and sometimes weekly requests for money to cover class parties and extra supplies that weren't requested on the original school supply list. While I'm thinking of it lets just throw in money to cover all of the school supplies. I could take a short vacation to the beach on that rebate check.
  3. There would be a comedy channel that appealed to adults but was so family friendly that even your 3 year old could watch it.
  4. There would be a remote control that works on Children. The largest buttons would be mute and pause.
  5. Liver and Brussel Sprouts would taste like chocolate. My children would beg for them and turn there noses up at hot dogs. I don't like liver or Brussel sprouts either. The best way to eat them is as a side dish with ketchup.
  6. One slice of Bologna would be packed with 100% of the vitamins you need every day. I don't care much for Bologna but my children love it.
  7. Children would never grow out of shoes. Instead, the shoes would expand as their feet grew.

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