Friday, January 16, 2009

My Life in Blog Titles

If I could express my life in blog titles, here are just a few that would sum up some of my experiences so far:

I know we are married but....Why I hate going grocery shopping with you.

Top 57 reasons you can't go grocery shopping with me.

Knock, Knock, Here she is, GOOD LUCK! (snicker) Run to the car and drive away fast: Audrey Goes to a Sleep-over

Please Stop Talking for a While or I'm Going to Poke my Eyes Out!

No REALLY! Please Stop Talking For At Least a Few Days

Has Anyone Seen My Eye-Poker?

Stupid People Tricks: Why NOT to Use Adhesive Glue Spray to Try to Kill a Yellow Jacket Inside the House When Your Parents Are Not Home.

How To Remove Adhesive Glue Spray From Your Face, Teeth and Glasses

Please STOP Taking Photos Of your Butt.....Because Your Only Six and Mommy Doesn't Want to Go to Jail!

For the 1,000th Time, PLEASE FLUSH THE TOILET!

My Life is a Circus and I'm the Clown in Charge of Driving The Car.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine. I Know I just picked up my prescription yesterday but I REALLY need a refill.

Coping with stress technique #34 - Just look them in the eye and laugh.

Please Don't Confuse The Tears Streaming Down my Cheeks With the Sound of Laughter Coming out of my Mouth.

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