Monday, January 26, 2009

How to Eat an Elephant

There is an old saying that I like. How do you eat and Elephant? One bite at a time.

This is a great saying used to encourage those who might feel overwhelmed with a prospective task. However, as I ponder this thought more questions come to mind.

What size is the elephant? What if the elephant is too big and you cant eat it all in one sitting? Do you have to stay at the table until you are finished eating the entire elephant? Can you share it with friends? Can you place leftovers in containers and freeze it? How many containers would you need for something that size? How long will it keep in the freezer? How do you cook the elephant before you eat it? Do you bake it or fry it? Can you deep fry it? How do you know if it is fully cooked or over done? Are all of the parts edible or will there be parts that you shouldn't or couldn't eat? Where do you get an elephant to eat? Do they serve these at fine restaurants? Can you get it in a fast food drive through window? Can you take leftover elephant home in a doggie bag? What kind of condiments should you eat it with? How would Emeril cook it?

Wait a minute. Who wants to eat an elephant? I think I'm going to switch to the saying "Don't bite off more than you can chew" and leave it at that.

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