Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here is something no mother wants to see - Cheese on the inner rim of the toilet.

My house is dominated by boys. Not only do I have three boys of my own, but my house seems to be the favorite gathering spot for all of the boys in the neighborhood. They are everywhere and no room is sacred.

There are three females in the house but we tend to be to be a little bit more tidy around the toilet and much more discriminating about what we will not take into the bathroom - specifically food. Therefore, when I do my weekly toilet cleaning - which is usually the only reason I ever lift the seat - I don't expect to see food clinging to the rim.

Yesterday, to my surprise, as I lifted the toilet seat I noticed an unidentified orange-ish colored lump stuck inside the upper rim. It took a few minutes of a too close for comfort inspection to realize that I was looking at cheese that had obviously been deposited by the hand oF one of my children - specifically a boy. Of my three boys, one is a germaphobe and one is old enough to have grown out of this kind of behavior. This left the obvious culprit - my six year old.

What was he thinking? How does something like this happen? I actually didn't want to know the answer to that question. This is something no mother wants to see or to have to understand. So, I cleaned it and went on with my day.
BTW, do you know how much effort it takes to remove dried cheese from the inside of a porcelain bowl?

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