Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here’s Your Sign

In the office building where I work the elevator doors and front walls are mirrored.  So, every morning I can check my appearance all the way up to the eight floor.  Then I get the same opportunity all the way down to the lobby at the end of the day.  This is useful for checking hair, makeup, shirt tucked in, everything in place, no boogies or hangers on, etc…  Then there is the other thing – the reminder that I need to loose weight.  It has become my mantra.  As I ride the elevator everyday I say to myself “I have to find a way to lose this weight!”  In fact I have been saying it over and over every day for months.  My wardrobe has shrunk to a total of four pairs of pants and a few skirts.  Fortunately we can wear jeans this summer and I have two pair that fit.  Enough said about that.  I think you get the picture.

Today, at work, the top article on my company’s intranet homepage:image




Then I was on a break and decided to check out the headlines on the Yahoo home page and I saw this:  image

Good golly Miss Molly, I thought I had gained a lot of weight.  This guy was a professional dancer, turned Ex-Husband of Brittany Spears (BS) turned full time dad.  It gives a new meaning to the name to K-Fed.  Apparently he fed quite a bit.  106_3499But I’m not making fun of him.  After all, this is me: ==>>

Then, after work, after riding down the elevator and once again checking out my womanly physique, I repeated my mantra:  “I have got to find a way to lose this weight!” (must lose 30 pounds!)

Well, that was depressing!  So, I decided that I wanted to stop at McIDontCountCaleries on the way home to get one of their fabulous MnM and ice cream concoctions.

Here’s MY Sign

The final blow came when I got into my car and noticed that someone had left a flyer on my windshield. Moms photos 008

(Courtesy of this company)Does  everyone know that I want/need to lose weight?  This day has been like a universal intervention!  Message to Universe:  I know, I need/have to lose weight!

So, on the way home I had my ice-cream desert and tomorrow I will re-start my diet and exercise program.

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